14 June took place a thematic meeting “Women and Charity”
Ukrainian philanthropist forum in cooperation with the Ukrainian women’s foundation and the All-Ukrainian charitable foundation “Talented Children are the Future of Ukraine” conducted a thematic meeting on 14 June called “Women and Charity” dedicated to the discussion of current topics related to women’s charity activity in Ukraine.
Spanish Music Concert
29 April 2012 at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine with the support of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Talented Children are the Future of Ukraine” and the Foundation “Days of Ukraine” took place a concert “Spanish music: from classics to flamenco”.

Galicia juice supports “Beregynia” project
Health is an essential part of a quality female life. When a young woman steps on a path to a harmonious, balanced, self-fulfilling life, she has to make health her priority, preventing illnesses before they occur. 
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Beregynia project Grand Finale Ball
20 March 2012 at the Kyiv Palace for Children and Youth 150 participants of the project “Beregynia” attended their first classes
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When we first read a good book, we experience the same feelings we do when we meet a new friend. To read that book for a second time feels like seeing an old friend again.
Light! Always light! Everywhere light! Everyone needs it. The book sparks it.
Victor Hugo
All good book resemble each other – after reading them you feel that you have really lived through all the events, and it will always stay with you: bad and good, excitement, sadness and happiness, people and places, and even the weather.
Ernest Hemingway
A house without a book is like a body without a soul.
A book is a source of knowledge and experience.
Diana Dorozhkina
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